Mistress Tenerife

Mistress Role Play in Tenerife

Whatever role play you enjoy there are rules to obey. Role Play is highly erotic and arousing however:

1. There is never any sex, however you may be permitted to ease your tension with permission.

2, You may only touch me with my explicit permission.

3. I will always assume the dominant role.

If you cant obey these simple instructions, it will be very painful for you.

Having said this, the sessions are very sexy, and we understand your feelings, and you will gradually  become more and more aroused, its not something you can hide! Let us set the mood and progress of the session.

Don't be too afraid of what turns you on, you never know it may well be something we enjoy too.

Here are some ideas to start you off

Slave Humiliation

Being watched by another girl/boy in your humiliation. Mistress will invite selected people to watch you in session. They will not be involved with you unless previously agreed, their only purpose is to watch a miserable slave in his humiliation.

Maid Service Tenerife

The maid is a role-playing idea where you switch roles and I am the submissive, while you are going to be watching and directing your personal maid. If you are voyeuristic or have domination fantasies, then you will love this one. Remember this is role-play, and my normal Mistress rules apply, and again abuse of my rules by you will be very painful for you.

You are my Slave Dog

I will put your collar on and lead you around the salon. You will be totally naked and crawl on all fours, and I may beat you if you are a disobedient dog. You will definitely be seen by others in the salon, the other mistresses will of course punish you if you are a disobedient dog, and perhaps other clients may see you too.

Voyeur Tenerife

So, you want to watch, then you will love this too. Your secret of watching another slave in total silence will be satisfied. The Slave will also know you are there watching, your identities will be hidden and protected by masks, but you will not meet. You will be naked, you will not speak, you will be hidden from view.

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